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Zalgoid headcanon WIP
Here is my headcanon for the zalgoids and zalgolians in my creepypasta universe "Your Darkest Fears".
Zalgoids are either created by humans making a deal with him or being created by his blood. He can also infect other lifeforms to make them into zalgoids.
Zalgoids come in several varieties, with those either walking on land, swimming in the seas or flying in the air.
Many of the human zalgoids tend to have monstrous forms as a result, while many of the other zalgoids are just created huge.  
Many zalgoids come in a variety of colors, although the most common ones are either black, maroon, grey or red.    
Most of the zalgoids reside in the underrealm of Nezperdia, located in the depths of a huge mountain, somewhere far from Old Undertown and Underworld City.
The only way to reach the zalgoids residence is either by teleportation or by rail, considering Zalgo's palace is connected by the Underworld rail network.
Zalgoids have had a long standing rivalry with the proxies
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10 things about The Mutational Terror
1. He is a mix of African, French and Swedish.
2. He loves to listen to all kinds of music, as long as it's good. And yes, he does have earholes. They are just really, really tiny. Plus they are hidden by his dreadlocks.
3. His favorite drink is pepsi with blood.
4. He is completefully 100% straight. He always leans towards girls.
5. Nick loves reptiles, particularly snakes and has a huge collection of them.
6. His favorite things to eat include just about anything he finds, including animal meat, human flesh, fruit, sugar based products, candy and even Kentucky Fried Chicken.  
7. He is completefully homophobic. If he is being hitted on by a gay guy or if he misinterpretates something as being "homosexual", he will not hesitate to rip out their spinal column out of their back.    
8. He has a model railroad layout build in a shed. It is in the Underworld somewhere close to Old Undertown.
9. He likes art and will pass the time drawing when he is not on duty, considering
:iconntsefan:NTSEFAN 1 0
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I appreciate the support.

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Hello everyone.

Sorry for not being as active as I can be. There are reasons why.

Ever since the unfortunate passing of Dav-Ink, it has made me feel empty inside and has made me feel less motivated than ever because of it. It's made me feel very withdrawn on the inside. He was an artist I looked up to when I first met him. I was unsure about him at first, but after a while, I grew to like him and he became someone I looked up to. And I even like his character Hoaxton as a result. His character Hoaxton was someone that was really unique that made him really stand out from all of the other proxies. He became a favorite of mines as a result. But after hearing that Jas has passed on, it has strucked me on the inside and I feel like I have less motivation than ever. I was even planning a pic that would've featured his character Hoaxton with my character The Mutational Terror as a result. Now, he will never get to see it. I just don't feel like I have the urge to keep going as a result. 

If you want to know more, I suggest checking out these journals by nadzarki and AK-47x. They explain more than what I can.

RIP Dav-Ink.i am so sorry Jas..
We have been friends for a long time now... but I am heartbroken to see you go with such a talent and sweet, funny and kind personality.
It is so shocking... but we will remember you :heart:
Thank you for being such a great friend.

Dav-ink passingDav-Ink must’ve heard by now, if not , Dav-Ink  had died from his lungs shutting down, and having lung cancer...he didnt tell anyone online about it...but i think I know why he didnt...kinda ..seems like something he would do.
it was very sudden...very..
he was 16 and he loved me very dearly, some say it was me who had kept him going..he didnt think he would of died. He really believed he was going to be okay, he believed he was going to work hard and move to come to me.. that was our dream ...
he was always working on, he made this far from knowing me and giving me new life. Last year CandyPout  had died ...i guess they are together now...that’s very sad to think about it. Both far to young to me taken away ...too soon..
this year had most downs but it had ups. Jas Dav-Ink had helped me so much, and loved me ...coming to the point of him saying, i was the one person he had fell in love with then it being the other way around... he had taken

I will never forget him. He was a very swell guy. 

Because of it, I have decided to take some time off from here as a result.

No, I will not leave, but I will probably go on a hiatus for a while. To take a leave of absence and get some things sorted out. I will put up a journal to let you know when I leave. 

I hope you will understand.
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  • Drinking: pepsi


CP OC: Pterano
Here is my next CP OC named Pterano, a pteranodon like creature who is a cryptic that has been sighted for some time and his origins are shrouded in mystery.

Updated info. Will add more over time.   

Update 2: Added in nicknames and updated backstory.

Name: Pterano
Real Name: None

The red terror
the terror bird
the flying lizard
the living pterosaur

Age: Unknown
Ethical Origin: Unknown
Place of Origin: Unknown
Species: Prehistoric Pteranodon
Personality: He is very unpredictable
Sexual Preference: Asexual
Relationship: None
Affiliation: None
Occupation: None
Date Of Birth: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Between 6 to 7ft tall  
Eye Color: Yellow
Skin Color: Red, Light red and Maroon red.
Hair Color: None, since he doesn't have any hair.
Fears: Unknown



Sharp talons


How S/he kills/wounds in Combat:

Can fly up to extreme speeds.

Ambushes from the sky.

Weaknesses: Unknown

Can stand in a bipedal like position.


A pteranodon like creature who is a cryptic that has been sighted for some time and his origins are shrouded in mystery. It is unknown where he originated from, but one thing is for certain, he is ready to spread terror and panic everywhere he goes.

Place/Type of Residence: None, since he is nomadic and he flies everywhere.  

Here's the color scheme for him.

Talons-Beighish white
Wing membranes-Light red
Head crest-Maroon red

More will come in time.

Theme Song: None at the moment
Further References: None at the moment

CP OC: Siren

This is Siren, a mermaid who lures men to a unsuspecting demise, via her voice.

Update: Added in more info and changed a few things around. 

Update 2: Added in a new reference and more info.

Update 3: Added in some minor info and updating the backstory a bit more.

Name: Siren
Real Name: Unknown
Nicknames: The fish woman, Ms. Scaly, The singing mermaid, the blue siren    
Age: Unknown (Looks to be around 20-30)
Gender: Female 
Place of Origin: The ocean
Species: Mermaid
Personality: Flirty, kind, seductive, manipulative     
Sexual Preference: Straight
Relationship: None
Affiliation: None 
Occupation: None 
Date Of Birth: Unknown
Weight: About 240 lbs
Height: About 7'0" long
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Fair (her torso), blue (her fish tail)   
Hair Color: Orange

Drying up
Other bigger monsters
Powers/Abilities: Since she is a mermaid, her singing is her own power.   
Weapons: Her sharp teeth and her claws (only in monster form)
How S/he kills/wounds in Combat:

She lures unsuspecting victims to her with her voice before they meet an untimely demise. 

In her monster form, she has sharp teeth and talons on her hands that allow her to rip apart her prey.

Weaknesses: Being on land and drying up

She can swim very fast in deeper waters

She has a monster form that she unleashes if threaten or otherwise.

She has very sharp eyesight underwater.


No one knows how long she has been around, some say she's been around for a while, others say she's been around longer, but one thing people do know is that if you listen to her voice for too long, you're dead. You will be lulled into a trance and you will die. She has been known to sunk ships, drag those to a watery death and cause an epidemic to the public by them knowing of her existence cause of her vicious actions in the sea.         
Place/Type of Residence: Large bodies of water, although normally she resides in the ocean.   

Her singing can be drowned out if someone can sing or make music better than her.  

She can swim up to speeds of about 50 mph.

Her flesh is rumored to give those eternal life if they were to eat it, although it has yet to be proven.  

She can only stay on land for about a few hours before she starts to dry out.

In monster form, her ears turn into fins.

She can't hurt those that are either intangible, have a healing factor or are very strong.

She can go just about anywhere as long as there is water, be it the oceans, lakes or rivers.

Theme Song: None at the moment
Further References:

Colored reference:

Link for template:…




Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello everybody! I am Nick The Steam Engine Fan, or NTSEFAN as some of you may know me as.

I'm just a laidback guy who just draws for the shits and giggles. It's always been a passion of mines.

This will be the homepage for my series Nick The Steam Engine and friends and I will be doing other things as well like Memes, reviews, and writing as well.

I'm also a fan of creepypastas as well, so be on the look out for some new stories and some new characters and stuff.

I'll be doing some TF Animated related things as well with character designs as well and a possible TFA season 4 fanfic as well.

I will also do reviews under the alias of 'The Nickmeister' for The Nickmeister Reviews. I will be review movies, tv shows, comics and the likes.

Since I love the railway series, I'll be doing fanfictions for it as well.

I'll also be doing another series known as the youngsters.

I am a huge fan of Soul Eater as well.

I love Lionel trains as well, so you might see some pics on them someday.

I am a guy who isn't afraid to stand up for himself and likes to crack some jokes.

I am a very reclusive responder. It takes me a while to muster up the will to respond to other comments and such.

Got something just drop me a line.

I am a very SLOW artist. I tend to take time with such stuff.

I draw for free. Anything to say, just ask.

Yes I roleplay, although I'm very rusty at it.

If you like my art, feel free to watch me if you want.

Here's what I draw:

I'm a big railfan so I like either steam, diesel, or electric related. I draw any kind of trains I like although the ones I know are from America, European, or Australian. The trains I draw are usually the anthro type, so you'll be seeing a lot of those.

Since I like creepypastas, I draw either Canons, OCs, slenderbeings, proxies, monsters, demons, zalgoids, etc. If you have any of the following, I will draw them for free, although I will likely use older designs or them because I might like them. I may draw them in group shots if you want.

Any cartoons I know. They'll be physically my choices.

My title cards for The Nickmeister Reviews. They are my choices, so don't ask.

I draw these as well cause I like weird outlandish creatures.

I do them when I'm bored. So look out for those.

T&F or RWS related
Since I love Thomas and the railway series, I do these as well.

Here's what I won't draw:

Anything that's too challenging
I'm not that skilled, so don't ask. If my skills ever build up, I might reconsider.

If you ever ask me this, I swear I will give you a virus. I am not here to satisfy your sexual desires. As much as I like it, I'm not doing it. So don't even try asking for it.

Stuff I've never seen
If I have never seen it in my life, I won't draw it if I don't know it.

Very realistic stuff
The only realistic stuff I'll do is photographs. Again, I'll reconsider if my skills build up.

I'm not a yaoi fan, so don't even ask me cause I find it awkward. I am not into it and I will not draw it. I might make exceptions, but don't count on it. Just because I don't like it does NOT mean I'm homophobic.

Fat art
Dear Christ, no, I'm not doing this! I will not draw this because I find it disgusting, and I do not find fat girls sexy or attractive in the slightest. So don't even ask me.

Need points? Go to dAhub! :points:



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